Bowden Construction employs on-site safety personnel whose sole responsibility is to the implementation of a safe and productive work site.  Our safety personnel are extensively trained to meet all OSHA requirements and are ready to supply all documentation required to ensure Bowden Construction remains a contracting leader in safety

Bowden Construction is committed to ensuring ALL employees are fully trained for every task and situation they might encounter.  This is why at Bowden Construction we train our employees multiple times a year stressing the importance of safety with the industries recognized Work Safe Program.  Every Bowden Construction employee begins the work day with hundreds of hours of work safety training.

Safety Personnel

Training Program

Safety comes first and daily safety meetings kicking off the work day are essential to our program to  start each day with safety.  In each meeting we stress the need for a safe work environment by reminding our employees of their personal responsibility to be the first line of defense in our goal for a safe work place.  Each safety meeting consist of possible dangers that the employee could face that day and reminder to employees that a safe work environment is a productive work environment.  



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