Est. 1953


Bowden Construction tracks all the areas of work to insure quality in every job we do. From weld log tracking, to changes made to the original plans Bowden is ready to fulfill your need to ensure the job is done right.  

Bowden Construction administers several forms as Non Destructive Testing including Hydrostatic Pipe Testing and visual weld inspections. As well, Bowden has a knowledgeable group of quality control specialist who oversee the Non Destructive Testing performed by our third party partners. 

Here at Bowden Construction we recognize the need for correct and constant material management.   That is why Bowden Construction makes it a point to track materials from the ground up, making sure that every flange and valve ends up in its proper place.




“The purpose of the Bowden Quality Control Program is to set forth the general requirements and quality control methods/practices, which will guide employees in performance of the professional services offered by Bowden Construction Company, LTD. (Bowden Construction). These procedures are instituted to ensure company and subcontractor construction activities affecting or affected by the quality system are completed in accordance with approved drawings, specifications, applicable codes, standards, and contractual requirements. Quality work will be the duty and responsibility of any individual performing the work. Quality will be obtained through appropriate planning and control of work operations and by specific quality control activities such as reviewing, checking, inspecting, testing, and quality auditing. The overall administration and implementation of the program at the construction site is the responsibility of the Project Manager/Site Superintendent and appointed Quality Control Representative. All employees are expected to know what the quality policy means to them as it affects their job or position within the company.”